Hennessey Venom GT Official Photos, Pricing and Power Released

You will be hard pressed to find a car enthusiast that will disagree with the "more power and less weight" theory. However, there is such a thing as taking this ideology too far. The recently unveiled Venom GT may have accomplished just that.

The Hennessey Venom GT has been in development for about 6 months now, with only a few teaser shots and some "unofficial" information being offered now and again. Now, the legendary tuners have finally taken the wraps off of their custom supercar and offered up some much anticipated information.

At the heart of the Venom GT is General Motors' potent LS9 block. Yes, the same one found in the ZR-1 Corvette. The engine is available in a handful of different configurations, with the mildest offering up a modest 725 horsepower and the wildest boasting a tire shredding 1200 horsepower.

Making these numbers even more impressive is the fact that the Venom is expected to have a curb weight of about 2400lbs, giving the lowest rated variant a power to weight ratio of .302. If you opt for the 1200 horsepower package, that number jumps to exactly .5. For comparison, the Bugatti Veyron checks in at .254.

Not surprisingly, carbon fiber was used extensively, including for all four wheels, in order to keep that weight so low. Hennessey also equipped with Venom GT with a full set of Brembo performance brakes to bring it back down from the over 250mph speeds it will be capable of.

The starting price for the 725 horsepower version is loosely set at $600,000, while the pricing for 1200 horsepower rocket has yet to be announced. Hennessey is planning on showing off one of the first examples of the Venom GT in August at the famous gathering in Pebble Beach.

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Apr 4, 2010
by Anonymous

Id drive this

Darn price tag & none for Rental use.
Be a huge hit just renting.


How Cool.

Ideal for Las Vegas, Tuscon, Phoenix, UT, West & No TX, Iowa, ID CO area.
Nice 007 car