Herb & Relax Lemorea Tea, The Anti-Energy Drink With Catnip

Hello thirsty! Herb & Relax Lemorea from Japan contains catnip and a half-dozen other herbs and extracts to keep you as cool as a cat over the dog days of summer. The low-calorie, fat-free and sodium-free drink also packs 100mg of theanine, an amino acid found naturally in green tea leaves that has been proven to relieve mental and physical stress.

As stated on the bottle, Herb & Relax Lemorea features catnip, passionflower leaf, blueberry leaf, chamomile, linden, lemon verbena, and lemongrass. Exact quantities aren't stated but as the list is not in alphabetical order and catnip is mentioned first, one might assume the famed feline favorite is the leading additive.

If you've ever smelled natural catnip, then its slightly musky and minty scent might not seem to be the ideal ingredient for a relaxing summer drink... assuming you're not a cat, that is. Don't be surprised if after guzzling some Herb & Relax Lemorea, your cat suspiciously smells your breath like a paranoid wife checking out her three hours late from work hubby. RAWR!!

As Herb & Relax Lemorea with catnip is made by Yakult, it can be found in vending machines all across Japan. Give it a try if non-alcoholic stress relief is your goal but we wouldn't recommend it as a hangover cure: for that, it's best to stay with hair of the dog. (via Comics212, Smile Diffusion, and Jonelle Patrick's Only In Japan)