Here You Go: Free Umbrella Giveaways For Acts of Kindness

Some businesses aren't about turning a profit, at least not solely, and that's a business concept that's becoming increasingly more popular around the world. The latest makes an appearance right on time for the Spring season, right when it's needed most, and it's all about kindness!

Free Umbrella GiveawayFree Umbrella Giveaway

Here You Go! No really, that is the business name, and that's because when they're handing you your free umbrella on the streets of Pittsburg when you're caught in a downpour without one, that's what they'll tell you. There is, of course, a catch and that requires you to return the act of kindness. They won't exactly hold a gun to your head to do it, but do provide you with a nice little card to fill out and send in what you did in return for the positive juju you got! 

Here You Go!Here You Go!

Whether you return the act of kindness out of guilt, or because you're a truly nice person, really is irrelevant, because the goal of Here You Go is to get you to do something nice and you know you will, so their goal is accomplished.

Via: Springwise