Here’s A Bright Idea: GravityLight Generates Light Without Electricity

Most of us don’t even think about turning on the lights with the flick of a switch, or with the click of a button on their smartphones via home automation systems of sorts.

But for millions of people in developing countries who rely on central electrical grids turning on the lights is costly venture and for many it just isn’t doable.

However, two British inventors, Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves, have come up with a bright idea in order to provide lights in the homes of those who reside in developing countries.

GravityLight is a brilliant gadget that generates light without electricity.GravityLight is a brilliant gadget that generates light without electricity.

And their new invention is making headlines all around the world.

You see the duo have unveiled GravityLight, which is a brilliant gadget that generates light without electricity. The device, which can be hung on a wall, does not need electricity or even batteries as this small round lamp lights up a room through an attached bag.

You just fill the bag up with 10kg of readily available materials – rocks, sand, or dirt – and once the bag drops its weight drives a teeny motor inside that powers up the light-emitting diode (LED) for nearly half an hour.

“Realizing that energy generated by gravity could replace expensive alternatives as an energy store was definitely one of those moments,” says Reeves during an interview.

“The idea that something as simple as a bag of stones or dirt could be what produced the tension needed to generate kinetic energy was another.”


While the new invention can also power up radios and other small gadgets, it is also gets top marks on the health and environmental front.

So many people in developing countries have long relied on kerosene lamps, but they produce toxic fumes and are dangerous.

The GravityLight is much cheaper than kerosene. Each device only goes for $6.00 (USD).