Really? Self-Heating Food? Yes Indeed!

Tempra Technology is back, and after taking a look at this forward thinking company's I.C. Can product many months ago, it is now time to see what's next in the far from boring pipeline. Could there be a day when we say goodbye to traditional cooling and heating appliances altogether? Who knows, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have a look.

Heatables is the latest product to come from the food & beverage oriented mind of Tempra Technology. Its aim is simple - to make it possible for consumers to have a hot snack at any time, regardless of where they are, what they are doing, and the availability/lack thereof of ovens and microwaves. Do new food inventions get much better than this? We shall see!

Tempra Technology: a food technology leaderTempra Technology: a food technology leader

So what about the technology used, and how does it stack up against its much colder adversary the I.C. Can? The Heatables product uses technology not dissimilar to that used in the I.C. Can. With one push of a button, a chemical reaction is triggered which results in the environmentally friendly creation of heat. Whilst there is not a great deal of information about the innner workings of this revolutionary product, one could speculate that desiccant granules, used to store heat in the I.C. Can,  may also be used to store the heat which is used to warm up the food inside the package.

The science behind the heatThe science behind the heat

One of the best things about Heatables, and as quite rightly pointed out by its mother company, is that the product is ready now, and can be incorporated into products the world over. In addition, and keeping with an increasingly common and very encouraging trend, the materials used by Tempra Technology are 100% safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

But what about the downsides? Are there any downsides? Well, it could be argued that with quick on-the-go products becoming ever easier to heat up, good old fashioned cooking may become increasingly less common. After all, why slave over a hot stove making a meal for work the next day when you can simply buy a ready-made product which can heat itself up? So whilst Tempra Technology claim that what the world wants is fast on-the-go convenience, and certainly can't be blamed for creating new food products to cater for this need, surely it is also important to not let this technology change our eating habits for the worse.

With its self-cooling beer can already attracting world-wide attention, not least for the mind boggling possibilities which come with it, Heatables could even surpass its ice cold companion in terms of practicality and excitement. So we have self-cooling beer cans, and self-heating...well....anything. What next? What on earth next?

Source: Tempra