Hexbug’s Aquabots: My First Pet Fish

The series of brilliantly designed robotic creatures from the Hexbug team have conquered the land and won many awards, but now they’ve taken their machines to an untapped play area: The fish bowl. Let’s take a peek at the world’s first care-free pet fish:



As with Hexbug’s Larva, Ant, Crab and other crawly critters, the Aquabots are available in a wide array of colorful transparent plastics, their batteries are included and replacing the batteries is a snap. Perhaps the coolest feature of the Aquabots is that they are instantly activated and start swimming like mad when they hit the water. It’s a fun effect to see an orange shark or a yellow clown fish dart, drive and cruise around a real aquarium, but Aquabots work just as well in the tub, pool or wherever they have enough room to turn themselves around.



I’ve never been disappointed with a Hexbug toy, and they always find new ways to impress me. While the bug based toys are brilliant, the Aquabots might serve as fun alternative to buying an actual fish. You don’t have to feed the Aquabot, clean its living space, and since it automatically turns off after five minutes of speedy swimming, the faux fish could be a lifesaver for parents looking to squirm their way out of buying the kids a pet for Christmas. The real question is which fish and color combination will you get? (Still no purple robots, Hexbug? It’s ok, I still love you guys!)

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