Hey Kids! I'm Having a Mommy Makeover!

Now this is something I've never thought about, but it's good, I guess, that someone has.... A way to tell your kids that you're going to the doctor and coming home with new boobs, a flat tummy, and (why not?) a new nose. These three cosmetic surgery procedures are so common in post-childbirth women, they have their own marketing package -- mommy makeovers.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer has written a book for your children,called My Beautiful Mommy, to explain what is going to happen to their mommy in her surgical procedures and how beautiful she will look as a result. Of course, children become very curious about why mommy's going to the doctorReutersReuters and coming home black, blue, and bandaged, perhaps needing bed rest for some time. Easy kids, it's the mommy makeover!

Reading the illustrated book to your children before, during, and after surgery, might be a better idea than having to explain in your own way: "Look, kids, your births left me looking like an old hag with sunken boobs and a big belly, so I'm going to prop up the boobs and suck the fat out of the belly." Instead, My Beautiful Mommy, tells your kids that you've grown too big for your clothes.

ReutersReutersAnd, if you have a bumpy or hooked nose that's inherited from your own mom, My Beautiful Mommy depicts you as a witch, but explains that after your operation you will be pretty. No telling what this will mean to the self image of your kids, who may have also inherited grandma's nose.

Look over the information at MyBeautifulMommy.com if you are considering cosmetic surgery. See if the book really represents how you feel and the ideals you want to communicate to your kids.

My Beautiful Mommy will be released to the public on April 28, 2008; however, a limited number of presale copies are available now at the publisher's website for $19.95, just in time for Mother's Day.

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Apr 22, 2008
by Anonymous

Pictures on the website

Interesting to look at the first page of the book on the website. Looks like Dr. Salzhauer has an exaggerated opinion of his own body. Gosh doctor, was the Hulk your favorite superhero? Are those pec and arm implants doctor? Will my Daddy look like YOU when you're done?