Hey, Software Developers! Back That App Up With Appbackr!

If you’re an innovative app creator who needs help with funding your current and future app developing projects, then you’re going to learn about Appbackr.com.

It’s a problem as old as time (or maybe as old as the internet): You’ve made an app that new, novel and amazing, but you need funding to continue your development cycle. I’ve discovered an interesting crowdfunding solution to this common problem for the budding software developer via Appbackr.

Developers join Appbackr and link to their completed app under your profile. Interested app Backrs (Cute, right?) will buy your app in bulk at a discount, which nets the developer instant money via PayPal. These app enthusiasts are buying digital copies of the app to sell on their favorite digital marketplaces. Developers and Backrs are then paid when the app sells in its mobile app store.

What I appreciate about Appbackr, is how the developer earn quick money for the bulk purchases made by Backrs, and the marketing done by Backrs looking to make a return on their digital stock results in additional profits for both parties. Any developer with an app on the Apple or Android marketplaces, can take advantage of using Appbackr.

There are plenty of finer nuts and bolts to Appbackr including the variety of mobile platforms and marketplaces supported, pre-release app funding and their new Xchange program, however Appbackr is a simple concept to help app developers and it apparently works!

If Appbackr looks like a tool that can help fund your upcoming app development, click here for more information about this inventive crowdsourcing website.

Source: Appbackr