H-Guard Plastic Protector To Change Food Packaging Forever?

Busy modern life necessitates practicality, and for people constantly on the move nothing is more practical than making a quick sandwich and wrapping it in plastic before bolting out the door. But stop for one second and think about two things: 1) Can you really go the entire day without your shoes? And 2) Could that plastic packaging be transmitting harmful substances to your food?

Green and good for you: the H-GuardGreen and good for you: the H-Guard

Whilst many would choose to address the first question and simply run back to their wardrobe, it is the second question which Crown Funding, and rightly so, deem to be far more important, even if the shoes in question are Gucci and were a snip in the christmas sale. Indeed, Crown Funding have made it their mission to address this very real issue through their intriguing invention - the H-Guard.

The H-Guard is an innovative new product which seeks to remove harmful substances from plastic packaging. Although still in the project phase, this new food invention has been praised by many, not only for its aim, but for the environmentally friendly way in which it seeks to achieve this aim. Whilst recent times have seen a great deal of progress when it comes to harmful substances such as BPA - a harmful substance found in plastic - there remain many forms of plastic packaging which could contain harmful elements, and that is where the H-Guard comes in.

And so to the 'how' bit. The key component of the H-Guard - invented by a Chemical Engineer - is a compound of organic substances which would be added to plastic packaging during the prodution process, trapping the harmful substances contained within the packaging. In addition to the organic substances used in this product, it also has a second environmental benefit. Indeed, due to the very aim of the product, namely to prevent the plastic's harmful substances from leaking out, any potentially environment damaging materials are kept within the plastic and do no leak out once the packaging is disposed of.

One cannot help but feel that the hidden yet potentially very real dangers of the plastic in which we wrap our food could become far more real in the next few years. Indeed, BPA, once nothing but the tiniest of blips on the 'potentially dangerous substances' radar, is now known to pose very real health risks. Lessons must be learned I hear you say? Indeed!

Source: Crowdfund