Hideaway Elliptical Trainer: Workout Without the Gym

I've always avoided working out on devices like treadmills and elliptical trainers because of their imposing size and expense. Actually, I've avoided it because I don't really the dull workout of such machines and would rather eat a sandwich. But I'll use the  whole size/expense thing as my second excuse because you really need to have a spare room dedicated to gym equipment if you want to enjoy a workout on an elliptical trainer. Otherwise, you'll have to hit the gym around the corner and pay membership fees like the rest us.

Well here's an option for those that don't like either of the previous two and don't really want to ride around the neighborhood on a step-scooter: the Hideaway Elliptical Trainer available at Hammacher Schlemmer. According to the product description, it offers the same lower leg motion as a full-size elliptical while drastically sizing down the footprint to fit in any room. Store it in the closet and pull it out when it's time to exercise--no need for a dedicated home gym or spewing out curse words when stubbing your toe on a massive piece of exercise equipment on your way toward a refreshing 3 a.m. pee. Further, the Hideaway engages more muscles, specifically the abdominals, since you don't have any handholds to lean your weight on. You can control the resistance as well as view data like number of strides and pace on the LCD screen.

In addition to its convenient size, the Hideaway Elliptical Trainer will run just $130, far cheaper than a full size elliptical trainer. If you've always like the idea of working out at home, but haven't had the space or money, this one's for you.

Hammacher Schlemmer via Coolest Gadgets

Update: Check out similar elliptical trainers from Amazon below: 

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Jul 31, 2009
by Chris Weiss

So true

I wish I would have thought about the unfinished basement..that would have been good for the post. But yeah, massive, at-home equipment has never seemed like a good idea.