Hieroglyphic USB Thumb Drive Shows Timeless Style

Eternal memory worthy of a pharaohEternal memory worthy of a pharaoh
The ancient Egyptians, with their magnificent pyramids designed to last forever, made memory one of the cornerstones of their culture. Now a quintet of strikingly beautiful personalized flash drives evoke the glory of the pharaohs to store your vital data.


Eternity, Kindness, Courtship, Love, and Joy... inscribed in hieroglyphics on 256mb custom USB flash drives designed to look like carved ivory. Japan's Solid Alliance is offering (through online retail giant Rakuten) these timelessly styled, personalized USB drives with 5 different inscriptions for 3680 yen (around $40). Mummy, I want one!

These custom memory sticks may have a relatively low capacity but they're more about style than substance. The use of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics means one can express heartfelt emotion to another without broadcasting the fact to anyone who cares to glance over. They also have a hole in a flange at the top, ideal for wearing around the neck on a chain as a pendant.

As well, the rounded rectangular shape of the drive resembles royal cartouches found on the beautiful wall paintings that decorate the tombs of ancient Egypt's pharaohs. A perfect celebration of the persistence of memory.

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