High-Tech Tissue Box Holder Features Hands-Free Mist Moistener

From the First World Problems Solved department (also known as Japan) comes the Wet Tissue Maker tissue box holder. A built-in infrared sensor and concealed water mister ensure you'll never suffer the heartbreak of dry tissues again.

Manufacturer CCP offers the model ZQ-WT3-BE “Wizmoa” in “calm beige” - actually kind of a two-tone brown – and it fits most standard-sized tissue boxes. Tissues are withdrawn from the side while the infrared sensor and mist outlet are positioned on the top.

Inside the Wizmoa you'll find a battery box that holds four AA-size batteries and a small water tank. The sensor impels a fine spray of mist upwards when one's hand approaches to within a couple of inches. It takes about 20 mistings to soak a tissue, allowing users to adjust the moisture level to their own preference manually.

The Wet Tissue Maker is ideal for any situation where a dry tissue just doesn't cut the mustard, such as cleaning up spilled mustard. In addition, the recent popularity of moisturized tissues indicates consumers' desire for this attribute. Use the Wet Tissue Maker once, and you'll likely never go back to using primitive dry tissues again. Truly we're living in a golden age... at least, residents of Japan are. Order your own Wet Tissue Maker from Amazon Japan for just 4,497 yen (about $37.50) each. (via Impress Watch)