High Performing Lotus Replica For the Track

Using motorcycle engines to power lightweight 2-seater track cars is becoming more popular, and for a good reason. Most of the performance engines offer quite a bit of power for thier small displacement and low weight. Using this and a few other high-tech components, LusoMotors managed to resurrect a legend.

The LusoMotors LM23 is a replica of the Lotus 23B. The 23B was banned from the Le Mans circuit in the mid sixties because officials thought it was too fast for such a small displacement. That was the same idea LusoMotors was using when designing the LM23.

The heart of the little racer is a 1000cc Honda CBR motor making about 150 horsepower. Weighing only 900lbs without a driver, the LM23 gives a power to weight ratio of 6lbs per horsepower. Which should be more than enough to keep most drivers happy. The lack of weight will also make cornering and slowing down easier.

If you lift off the fiberglass and carbon fiber body, you will see that chassis is more than ready to hit the track as well. The frame is constructed of several sizes of tubed steel and includes an integrated roll-bar. The engine is mounted mid-ship to keep the center of gravity low and the weight distribution even.

LusoMotors can also modify the existing kit to the buyers needs, all the way up to changing the framework. As seen, the kit costs $23,600.

Via : Carscoop