High Tech Bathroom! SmartFaucet Uses Facial Recognition To Set Water Temperature

The smartest faucet in the world is about to be turned on in the market place: the iHouse SmartFaucet.  It uses face recognition to get to your perfect water temperature right away; not only that, but it can... are you ready?  It can check your calendar, give you the outside temperature, and... check your email!

This brilliant device is made by iHouse, a Brazilian company that makes several very high tech home systems, like fingerprint activated doors and cell-phone controlled window blinds.

The iHouse FADEC is the face recognition remote control that programs water temperature for everyone in the household.



Here, the Smart Faucet is shown getting hotter (red), as it automatically reads the face and adjusts both temperature and water pressure accordingly.


Though critics have pointed out that the SmartFaucet does not save energy, it would certainly save water in drought stricken areas.  Reaching a desirable water temperature wastes a lot of water!

(Of course, you'd have to be able to afford the SmartFaucet.)



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Apr 29, 2009
by Anonymous

can anyone spot the fat pile

can anyone spot the fat pile of blow in the picture?

Apr 29, 2009
by Must Love Gadgets

you're right!

I did not think about it when I was posting, but now that I see it with your eyes... It does have that look, doesn't it?