Higher Performance and Lower Fuel Cost for the 2010 Mustang

Since it's release in 2005, the new edition of the Mustang has seen steadily climbing sales and some very happy drivers. They hope to improve upon both with a revamping for the 2010 year model. One which may include Twin-Turbo.

Sadly, we're not talking about a Twin-Turbo V8. What we are talking about is Ford's new EcoBoost V6, most likely the 3.5L which is currently an option on the 2009 Lincoln MKS. Ford's EcoBoost will also be used in the new Ford Flex and Explorers. Standard motors will be a 275HP 2.0L I-4 with the more powerful V-6 3.5L as an option, which is capable of making 340HP.

The EcoBoost system uses smaller displacement engines in conjunction with Direct Fuel injection and high-efficiency turbochargers. The result is a substantial increase in fuel efficiency without any sacrifice in performance. Ford unveiled the technology in 2007 under the name Twin-Force, which was hiding in the MKR concept.

What this translates to is the ability to have a high-performing Mustang, without the low fuel mileage of the V-8. Especially considering Ford is considering replacing the 4.6L with a revamped 5.0L. Perhaps this could be the rebirth of the BOSS-302..? Horsepower estimates are set between 325 and 350.

Sorry, back to the Ecoboost V-6. As stated above, the 3.5L makes somewhere in the range of 340hp, as compared to the 300 flat of current GT models. It also weighs 150lbs less overall and gets 20% better fuel mileage than the current V6...not bad.

There has been no official word from Ford about availability or release dates, but considering that 2020 deadline, it shouldn't be long till something is known. Twin-Turbo Mustang just sounds so nice, too.

Source : MotorTrend

George Delozier
Automotive Innovations