Highly Sophisticated Truck Could Change How We Look at Long Distance Shipping

One of the most challenging parts of designing a cleaner burning engine is trying to keep the power output high enough to meet the needs of whatever it will be powering. This has proven especially true for semi trucks, which require a large amount of power to move. However, a new truck design may be able to solve this issue and offer a much greener solution to the shipping needs of the world.

Kioko Muthui, a designer from Kenya, is the mastermind behind the new concept and has named his creation the Highly Sophisticated Truck (HST). According to Muthui, "The HST is a vision for future long-distance road haulage."

The first thing you will notice about the HST is the massive size. It has a project length of 29 meters and is estimated to be able to move up to 65 tons of cargo. The size jump was chosen to reduce the number of trips needed to move any given amount of freight.

Power for the HST will come from some high output electric motors at the 2 rear axles drawing power from a generator powered by a small diesel engine. The diesel will have no direct connection to the wheels and therefore will be able to operate at the most efficient speed at all times. It will also feature cylinder shut off technology for cruising on flat straight road.


Solar panels installed on the top of the truck will help to power the electric motors, as will a regenerative braking system that spans the length of the truck.


To ensure every bit of power is use efficiently, the exterior of the truck has been meticulously arranged to almost completely remove all protruding hardware. The wiper-less windshield, being a perfect example, will rely on forward motion to keep rain off while the aerodynamic shape should take care of insects.

Sadly, the HST is still completely based on computer renderings and no plans to move forward with the design have been released.


Tuvie , Tree Hugger
Jun 21, 2009
by Anonymous

Love 2 see made

Plus see LUIGI COLANI semi tractor truck designs, esp one from the 2007
Discovery TV show on Future Cars.

See the book COLANI for ALL his Tech designs, most very Current, some Retro.
Fwd thinker.

His semi truck rigs have drag coefficent of 0.35

Now add the HST power mode then U have a super rig.

Id make even more Aero & sell HST to GM, Ford, Whiteliner makes.