Highstar Digital Alarm Clock Displays Handwritten, Erasable, Fluorescent Messages

Don't be alarmed by this creative, multifunctional alarm clock. Instead, wake with delight to the sight of glowing, handwritten, erasable messages seemingly suspended in mid-air above a blue or green digital LCD display.

The device, made by Chinese electronics manufacturer Highstar, combines the best features of a traditional bedside alarm clock and a personal, erasable, reusable mini whiteboard.

The secret to its success is a clear plexiglass panel rising out of the clock's white ABS housing and the internal light mounted on its inside edge.

The latter channels light (in your choice of blue or green) through the panel, causing any messages written on the panel with the included special marker to glow with an eerie, mild luminescence.

Cleanly styled to match any type of room décor and equipped with a mute button, the clock measures 138 x 116 x 65mm (5.52 x 4.64 x 2.6 inches) and is available in a number of functional variations.

The basic model runs on three size AA batteries with an optional AC adapter. There's also a USB-powered version that does double-duty as a USB hub and features four USB inputs on the back.

Ideal for reminding late-sleepers of birthdays, noting things to do or buy, leaving “I'll be home at” messages and so on, the Highstar electronic creative luminous alarm clock ranges in price from 49 to 59 yuan (under $10 plus shipping) ,depending on which variation you opt for. Order yours online from the Creative Life store on Taobao. In the U.S., you can find this writeable digital alarm clock here.

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