Hightailer Shrimp Peeler Simplifies Your Seafood


Seafood got you seeing red? Hand-peeling raw shrimp often results in a mangled mess unfit for sight nor taste. The "Hightailer" shrimp scissors simplifies seafood preparation resulting in less waste and more eye appeal.

The cheekily named Hightailer, a cleverly engineered device that peels raw shrimp and makes 'em look nice, comes from Japanese kitchen utensil manufacturer Kai Group.

Anyone whose had to peel a few dozen raw shrimp knows the process is finicky and messy. The semi-transparent shells don't always slip off the shrimps easily or in one piece. Even worse, a bad peeling job often causes expensive shrimp meat to go to waste.

The somewhat over-engineered Hightailer was expressly designed to peel shrimp and ONLY peel shrimp. The only thing you need to do beforehand is to ensure the shrimps are completely thawed or raw, and that their heads have been removed.

Operating the Hightailer is so easy a hermit (or a hermit crab) could do it, and the package back helpfully provides quick, illustrated three-step instructions with English captions.

On the downside, Kai Group's countless hours of research and testing have to be compensated for, and that likely explains the most un-jumbo-shrimpy price tag of 3,360 yen (about $37) you'll have to "shell "out at Amazon Japan.(or Amazon US)

Look at it this way: the shrimp meat you'll save by using the Hightailer will probably make up for the device's purchase price in just a few servings. (via Impress Watch) 

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