Hijacker Injector: Great Idea?

Patent# 3,841,328 the Hijack Injector, assumes that all hijackers are sedentary or at least can be encouraged to be so. Given that it might be possible for that situation to occur (perhaps it could be assured if they are tired and hijacked a few too many planes that day). This patent provides just punishment and a way to take action and control over what could be a fatal situation via a hypodermic needle injector built into every seat on the plane!


This passenger-disabling apparatus mounted in and under every airplane seat and remotely actuated by a pilot or a crewmember is comprised of a solenoid actuated seat belt buckle lock in combination with an inflatable seat back and hypodermic injection apparatus. In the words of the inventor:

“The hypodermic injection apparatus is arranged for driving the needle of a hypodermic syringe through the seat cushion, into the passenger to instantly sedate or kill the passenger.”

The next logical question would obviously concern who would be controlling these ejectors and how accurately could they do so? I mean, “oow” is definitely the operative reaction here, and what if the crew or pilot hit the WRONG activation button? What if the hijacker prefers to intimidate by standing?

One can only wonder if such an apparatus might have made a difference on that terrible day back in September of 2001. Who can ever say for sure? This inventor made a valiant attempt to deal with hijackers, but patent #3,841,328 nevertheless remains a flash in the pan of silly ideas.

Consider how some other inventors have dealt with the topic of security. Read Edric D. Sizemore’s “Personal Security Backpack” and Matt Fleming’s “StealthVue PennyCam: Hidden Security Camera,”

Dec 8, 2008
by John P. Barker
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While I would never hijack a plane, my fear of needles knows no bounds!  This would freak me clear out.

Just picture some sort of accidental power failure.  In that fraction of a second when the system reboots, every passenger gets a needle jammed into therm.  Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Dec 9, 2008
by Cosetta
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 Oh John!

You do raise a point (forgive pun)

It s a weird idea, but who knows if it migh work in dire situations.

Thanks so much for your comment.

I appreciate it. 



Happy Patent,