Hippity Hop Shoes: Kid's Shoe Delivery Company That Hits The Pavement

The right businesses know that parents appreciate convenience when it comes to services for their children, which is why mobile businesses are becoming more popular in the market specifically. There's a new one that hits the pavement to help little ones do the same!

Hippity Hop Shoes doesn't make parents drag their brood into the malls to shop for footwear, it brings their inventory right to their home!  It also provides shoe fittings to ensure that little ones learning to walk are fully adorned with the best fitting footwear and each visit to a client's home is tailor made. Of course, this means that parents may feel the need to get a last minute vacuum in before the mobile shop drops by but for the convenience of staying at home that might just be a fair trade-off!

Oct 18, 2010
by Anonymous


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