Hipstery Ships Mystery T-Shirts Based On Personality Profiles

Most people like to choose their clothing, but for those that don't there's Hipstery, a unique clothing company where everything's a surprise!

Mystery T-ShirtsMystery T-Shirts

Hipstery is a company where you pay your money, and you could get just about anything! Ok, well, what they really sell are t-shirts, but you don't directly get to choose your own graphic design. Hipstery has you logon, choose your size and then take a questionnaire which they use to decide which design you'd most appreciate, and the available designs aren't available for previewing either, so it really is a bit like Russian Roulette.


The shirts featured by history aren't internally designed but include items from a variety of fashion companies like Design by Humans, and Rockwell Clothing shop. If you like a good surprise, and want to treat yourself to experience the unknown then history might just be a fashion experience to blow your mind!