Historical Icon Snowboards

Your local resort has just gained a few hundred IQ points. Or it will if these Yes Great Dudes of History Snowboards show up there. Because unlike your average, stoned out brahemian rider, these boards are dedicated to leadership, integrity and intelligence.

Each board is adorned with a famous figure from world history, and the line includes Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, John Lennon and Haile Selassie. That's some pretty heavy weight under your feet.

Outside of their famous anchors, the boards have assymetrical design and stone-and-diamond-leveled 8800 bases. There's camber between the feet and rocker at the tip and tail to give you that perfect balance of flotation and grip. 

The boards cost $400 and each size between 149 and 162 gets its own historical figure. Sure beats random, computer-generated designs and cartoon characters. 

Yes via Uncrate