Hit It Pure Increases Your Drive for Drive

Legendary golf club maker, Callaway put together a nice promotional online video game called Hit It Pure for their new line of drivers.  The drivers, as well as the game itself, are of particular interest to anyone that golfs.  For those of us that aren't golfers, you can really have a blast playing this game.  There's a lot more to it than just a silly gimmick to garner attention to the product.

Speaking about the actual clubs, Callaway is pushing their FT-iQ and FT-9 models.  Both are relatively new to Callaway, and made with scientific precision in mind.  The FT-iQ, according to Callaway's site, "delivers consistently long drives that split the middle of the fairway."  This is achieved using hyperbolic face technology, among other things, which allows the ball to be hit very consistently with very fast ball speeds across the face of the club.  The FT-9 model uses the same technology, and "Fusion Technology that delivers professional shot-shaping and Tour distance, for a fine-tuned game."

Now for the fun stuff!  The game Callaway has created puts these two new clubs in a realistic physics setting for you to try on the internet.  Of course, there's a certain learning curve to get used to the control of the game, but they're very simple.  In fact, you only have to hit your space bar a few times to make a shot, but getting your accuracy down takes skill.  Much like any golf video game, but it doesn't stop there.

Cheat Codes: Type "Carbon" at the beginning of a game.Cheat Codes: Type "Carbon" at the beginning of a game.

Since it's a driving-only based game, Hit It Pure implements a series of achievements to make your playing experience more interesting.  The list is pretty long, and you'll have to really summon the power of the golf gods to get them all done in one day.  There are bonuses for superb performance, shocking failure, and precise control over the drives, as well as a handful of goof ones ("Make a Spalsh").  Hit It Pure is highly addictive as a game, and the fact that you're using real life products in a realist physics setting makes it all the more fun.