Hitachi to Launch Ultra Thin HDTV: 1.5 Inches Thick

The Japanese company Hitachi is planning on releasing their newest, and thinnest, HDTV ever. Their ultra thin (UT) HDTV is simply called the UT series. The TV is only about 35 mm thick (at the thinnest part), which makes it one of the thinnest HDTVs on the market. People in Japan will get first crack at this ultra thin HDTV, as it will be available in Japan starting in December. People in North America will have to wait until early 2008 to see one of these thin beauties at their local electronics stores. Hitachi has not yet released the price of these Ultra Thin TVs, but early speculation is saying that the price tag will be rather hefty.

Hitachi UT-Series  Monitor and Media StationHitachi UT-Series Monitor and Media Station

The Hitachi UT Series of TVs will come in either a 32 inch, 37 inch, or 42 inch screen size. The resolution of these LCD TVs will be 1366 x 768, 1920 x 1080, and 1920 x 1080 respectively. The 32 inch model will come in four colors choices: black, white, red, and blue. There is an optional wireless unit, which can be used to connect the monitor with the media station and makes for a wire-free connection. The Hitachi media station has their patented "iV Pocket" technology, which will record HD television onto an optional hard drive.

Hitachi hopes to target these high-end televisions to the "highly affluent" consumer. They also say that these HDTVs will be perfect for a kitchen, bathroom, or office set-up, because of the TV's thin stature which makes it versatile.

These new ultra thin HDTVs will be great ideas on paper, but for most people they will have to wait for a less-expensive alternative to get their hands on an ultra thin HDTV. Hitachi plans on producing a limited number of these LCD TVs, so I would expect the price to reflect that.

Sources: Hitachi, Information Week

Joe Eitel
Electronic Innovations