Hmm…Who To LayOff? You Choose. Yeah; You!

Layoffs suck, and choosing who to fire when all of your employees are doing a good job sucks even more for businesses stuck with the decision of who to layoff.  A new website, You Choose We Fire, takes the decision of who to layoff out of their own hands, and allows web surfers to choose the unlucky employee who will be fired.

You Choose We Fire is the brainchild of Belgian marketing company So Nice (do I even have to point out the irony here?). Stuck with the decision of whom to layoff, they decided to allow total strangers to vote and make the decision. Envy Donald Trump for getting to say those infamous words, "you're fired!" but never got the opportunity; now you can finally get your turn.

Those who have been nominated to lose their jobs, have their mug shots featured on the You Choose We Fire website so people can vote. Fortunately for them, but unfortunately for everyone else looking for some entertainment that involves taking away the livelihood of another; the voting is on a temporary hiatus, as the delinquent clients who were not paying their bills that caused the mandatory layoff have finally settled up. The traffic brought to the website is actually what made all the difference.

While You Choose We Fire isn't a business in itself, it's certainly an interesting marketing technique and I can see this business idea taking hold. Entrepreneur looking for a good idea? Look no further.

If you're disappointed that the opportunity to layoff an employee from So Nice is no longer available, don't get yourself down; the company has a history of non-payment from their clients and one of the unlucky eight employees may find themselves back on the firing line again soon.