Hockey Jersey Dresses For The Ultimate Hockey Fangirl!

With hockey season and the holidays conveniently coinciding, could there possibly be a better gift than hockey swag for a major fan? Actually, yes, because now there are new, more feminine options available for female hockey fans that are on the market for the first time!

Novelty Sportswear for the Hockey FanNovelty Sportswear for the Hockey Fan

One avid hockey fan in Canada decided that there just weren't enough fashion options for women looking to support their favorite hockey teams. So she decided to fashion classic hockey jerseys into something a little more glam - one-of-a-kind dresses! The designer behind these will take a jersey and make it into any dress style someone prefers so they can really turn heads next time they're at a game!

Hockey Jersey DressesHockey Jersey Dresses

Dec 17, 2010
by Anonymous

Love it!!!

Cool hockey jerseys... Love to have one!!! :)

Aug 10, 2011
by dinni

Me too, these are awesome

Me too, these are awesome outfits. Hockey does have a lot of girl fans despite what most people might think and that's because it's a very entertaining challenging game. Where can we find this kind outfits? I'd love to know more about that, I am already a fantasy hockey member and I am proud of my achievement as a hockey fan so wearing these clothes on special hockey events would be just awesome.