Hockey Stick to Combat Yard Waste: Great Idea?

“I know a man who doesn't pay to have his trash taken out. He simply gift wraps it, and places it in into an unlocked car.” ~ Henny Youngman

Patent# US 6926629 was invented by a resident of Minnesota who had just about had it up to you know where with accumulated yard waste. He says of the Attachment for Blade of Hockey Stick:

It’s great for the nasty stuff, especially "rotten hornet-infested crab apples and dog waste. Why a hockey stick? Well, if the waste is to be flung by hand to a desired location such as a compost heap, the waste may crumble upon the head of one who throws the waste."



The inventor of the Attachment for Blade of Hockey Stick does address a very important issue when he goes on to say:

“Why fling dried dog shit with one’s hand when the good Lord (and Canadians) have given us a stick that can hit an object with great force, great control, and over a relatively great distance?”

The Attachment for Blade of Hockey Stick is comprised of a floor portion with a leading edge that digs under an object to be flung by the stick. The attachment includes a base portion that engages the blade and may be flexed between an L-shaped position and a V-shaped position. The attachment may also include a finger for engaging the heel end of the blade, ceiling portion, a seat on the floor portion, an undulating leading edge and a slot used for a tether that wraps about the blade.

These Attachments for Blade of Hockey Stick are being marketed as Turd Burglars and are on sale at the official website Inventors out there, it’s not too late to get on the yard waste band wagon and think up other things, as the field is wide open. Consider “Innovations for the Environmentalists and the Gardeners” and for the beloved creators of some of that yard waste, Unleashing the Newest Pet Products”.

Fore! (or something like that).


Via Patently Silly