Hold On Tightly And SEABOB Cayago Will Take You For A Ride Under Or Over Water

Remember the underwater tow sled from the James Bond movie, Thunderball? SPECTRE forces used the sleds, equipped with twin-mounted spear guns, to propel them underwater and guard a nuclear bomb. If you want to get your hands on that same technology, the SEABOB Cayago is the personal watercraft for you.

SEABOB Cayago UnderwaterSEABOB Cayago Underwater


Whether you want to jet around on the water's surface or explore the underwater depths, the Cayago can facilitate. This personal watercraft is like having a motorized dolphin to ride. It glides leisurely on the surface, dives underwater and can zip on the surface quite speedily as well. All you do is hit the thrust, hold onto the handles on the side and enjoy the ride.

The hydrodynamic shape of the Cayago makes it easy to steer and incredibly agile in the water. All you do is shift your body weight and you can cut angles through the water or dive down, up to 40m, below the surface. The craft is also lightweight. The F5 only weighs about 64 pounds, while the F5 S weighs around 77 pounds.

Cayago Is LightweightCayago Is Lightweight

Not only do you get optimal handling with the Cayago, you get some speed as well. The F5 model will travel up to 6mph underwater and 9mph on the surface, and the F5 S model will hit 9mph underwater and 12mph on the surface. If you think this isn't enough speed, remember you're holding onto the Cayago, not chilling in a seat. 

Equipment And Technology

The SEABOB Cayago utilizes a high-performance electric drive mechanism to zip through the waters. This electric, high-torque synchronized motor is powered by lithium manganese accumulators. The electric motor not only means that you get a smooth, quiet ride, it also makes the Cayago environmentally friendly. 


The Cayago's patented E-Jet Power System employs the water displacement principle. Water is sucked in by the Cayago's impeller and forced out into the jet channel under high pressure generating the thrust that propels the Cayago through the water. This system gives maximum thrust with little energy expended.

You control the Cayago via two intelligent controlgrips with Piezo technology. Piezo tech allows you to program diving depth, operation time and additional parameters. The controlgrips also house the "green" and "red" buttons, which provide thrust and brake respectively. 

The SEABOB Cayago isn't your run-of-the-mill personal watercraft. With the ability to skim the water's surface or dive down below, while keeping your body in the water. You can find more information on the Cayago on the SEABOB site, and check out the video below to see it in action.