Hold On To The Light Bulb While You Climb The Stairs

In both industrial and home settings, hallways and stairways tend to get the least amount of light -- after all we are just passing through, so why waste energy on them?  But Croatian designer Zoran Sunjic of Zoon came up with a brilliant solution: a low-energy, retro-neon Blind LED Light with the flexibility to curve and turn with the architecture of the space.  

Minimalist and eco-friendly, these cool hallway and stair lights do double-duty as hand rails, so you can see and walk at the same time!  Long-lasting glow sticks in your hallways, the Blind LED Lights make remarkable luminaries in any setting, but they should definitely find their way to homes and care centers for those with physical and sight limitations.





via 3rings




Nov 5, 2009
by Anonymous

Great Idea

Reminds me of a product that my company is preparing to launch, called the illumi-knob. It's an innovative door knob cover that gently glows when you approach it. You can see it on our home page: www.absolutelynew.com

Nov 5, 2009
by Anonymous

Markets for

Theatres- BIG Time.
Pvt Clubs,
Escape Exits.

Problem- change the lightbulb.

Otherwise neat;.

ALL Hotels should have for wee hour Guests in the AM: from 1-6A hours.

& or for employees shift.