Holey Eco-Invention Saves 20 Percent Of Your Ink: Ecofont®

Dutch cheese is holey, but wait until you see this ecologically-correct typeface. Designed to save ink, the Ecofont actually does have holes that your printer has to bypass if it's to provide an accurate rendition. 

Finding a way to beat those ink thirsty printers, the Dutch creative communications company, Spranq, should receive an award of some kind.  Instead, it's giving one to you....

Yes, in a wonderfully unselfish gesture, Spranq is permitting free downloads of the font from the Ecofont site.  And it provides other tips, as well, for saving ink.

The typeface, which saves the most ink using a 9 or 10 font size, is compatible with  Windows Vista, Windows XP, Max OS X, and Linux.  It is intended for business purposes (for drafts mostly) and is based on the sans serif Verdana.  It looks pretty cool in a large font size though.



For large organizations, the Ecofont Professional Edition is available to license.


 Ecofont via Latest Inventions.com