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11 Holiday Hairstyles Sure To Shock Santa

We are all in favor of joining in the Christmas spirit, celebrating with family and friends and enjoying the joys of gifting. We are even in favor of decorating for the holidays, bringing lights and cheer into a dark time of year. However, there really needs to be a limit to the festivity, don't you think? 

At some point, being festive crosses the line to being ridiculous. Many folks love dressing up for the holidays, but some folks go overboard to the extreme. Doing something festive with your hair is one example of when you can go too far. Here are my picks for 11 Holiday Hairstyles Sure To Shock Santa:

1.  Holiday Horns Hair


What sort of holiday spirit does this convey? Perhaps it is the front runners of a sleigh, or the toes of elf boots?

2.  Winter Branches Hair


This looks like Pippi Longstocking went on a rampage at Tuesday Morning. I am enjoying the fact that the model looks like she is having a blast, a key element to the Christmas season.

3.  Christmas Tree On My Hair


This really reminds me of Marie Antoinette, if she had a Christmas Tree hair wig. I don't think they did that back in The Day, but if they did this would be it.

4.  Ornaments Hair


This one also has that Marie Antoinette vibe, plus ornaments. That’s what they did back then, right? 

5.  Christmas Spike Mohawk


Even the punk set can get into the holiday spirit!

6.  Rudolph The Red Nose Hairbun

Source unknown, please contact us if you have info!

Is this crazy or cute? I think this is kind of cute for an office party or other formal-ish occasion. It would be hard to create solo, though, so pair up with a holiday friend to get this one finished!

7.  Gardens And Garlands Hair


I’m pretty sure a nest of birds lives in there someone, but it is very festive and flowery. Is it Christmasy or just an excuse to make a mess of her hair?

8. Oh Me So Pointy Hair


For some reason, this makes me think of Cindy Lou Who. Is that just me?

9.  Mini Lights Hair


Is this safe? Does she have to stay plugged in to the wall? How does this work? I really think this has an element of awesomeness to it, but the questions nag at me!

10.  Man’s Tree Topper Hair


For the man who has a lot of time to waste at the salon – the candy cane eyebrows are a definite bonus! Men in three piece suits can still show their Christmas spirit with this joyous "do."

11.  Candy Cane Mohawk


We are glad Hellboy here is into the holiday spirit, otherwise we'd have to be scared.

What do you think of these hairstyles for the holidays? Do you think they are fun and festive? Or are they just the right amount of crazy? Maybe they are just sure to shock even Santa?

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Clever Chick


Dec 18, 2013
by Anonymous

You can get battery-operated

You can get battery-operated Christmas lights, I had them for my star-shaped christmas hairdo two years ago.