4 Ways To Play A Spit-less Game Of Fetch With Your Dog

Doggie DriverDoggie Driver

Remember the game of fetch? You threw a ball, your dog chased it, picked it up, and brought it back? Again and again, the game repeated itself until one or the other of you got tired, usually you. You'd be dead tired, slumped in your chair, with smelly, sticky dog drool on your hands.

Now, dog gadgeteers (dogeteers) have invented ball-throwing gadgets that maintain your stamina, keep your hands clean and, perhaps, tire your dog.

It's unclear whether or not these gadgets will improve your performance in other sports, but some of the ball throwers are fashioned after equipment used for human sports, like golf and hurling.

Below are my favorite four:


1. Chuck It Ball Launcher

Chuck ItChuck It

There are several variations of the Chuck It Ball Launcher, but this simple, lightweight device is still very popular among dogs and dog owners. Simplicity does reign here: 1) there are only two parts, the handle and the ball; 2) you launch the ball just like you would hurl it, from over your shoulder; and 3) you pick up the ball with the same cradle that holds the ball when you launch it. With the Chuck It, you can keep your hands clean and throw considerably further than most of us 98 pound weaklings. Chuck It comes in two sizes: Regular ($12.99) and, for the kids, Junior ($8.99).

2. Hyper-Dog (Ball) Launcher

Ball LauncherBall Launcher

Didn't you used to love slinging food at your sister when no one was looking? Well, for the slinger in all of us, here's a ball Launcher that can sling one up to 220 feet. OK, not as far as a Driver, but it could still do some damage to a window. This one can pick up four balls for you, so you don't have to get dog drool on your hands. Available at Amazon.com for $25.44.


3. Hyper-Dog Doggie Driver

Doggie DriverDoggie Driver

The Doggie Driver has been known to tire puppies and the puppies that remain in grown dogs! Hyper-Dog indeed! And humans are claiming that this tennis ball driver even improves their golf games without even hurting their backs, as the poor humans don't have to bend to pick up the tennis balls. Just make sure your hole-in-one doesn't drive through someone's window; this driver can send that tennis ball up to 100 yards. Available at Amazon.com for $26.99.

4. GoDogGo



GoDogGo is the ultimate couch potato's dream... if he has a dog. Just plug this in and let your dog do the rest. Oh, yes, you have to hang around to push the button on your remote control, but just think you can do this from a patio lounger! GoDogGo is $149 well-spent dollars, when you figure how much exercise you don't have to get.

You must see some of the customer videos at BuyGoDogGo.com. In the meantime, here's a great one from YouTube by "agilitymanque."


The future of these ball-throwing gadgets looks pretty good, as humans are basically lazy and disdain the smell of dog spit. But if I were to invest in a company, it would probably be one that makes the tennis balls.


That's the buzz for today!

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Nov 18, 2007
by Chris (not verified)

spitless game of fetch with your dog

These tools look to be very handy-great idea

Feb 29, 2008
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