Holiday Hairdos Hit Hong Kong

Need that perfect look for this year’s holiday party? If you live in Hong Kong, getting a truly unique look just got a whole lot easier thanks to Spanish hair artists Sienta La Cabeza. Hitting China for the holidays, they have descended upon the country with plenty of hairspray in tow. The mission? Create truly innovative hairstyles with wire, hairspray, and a funky sense of creativity.

One Stylist's Hair Brained Scheme: Source: ReutersOne Stylist's Hair Brained Scheme: Source: Reuters

One of the most styles so far is long hair shaped into a Christmas tree. Since the stylists themselves include a sculptor and a musician, it is no wonder their minds are innovative enough to dream up some of the strangest holiday hairstyles to ever be seen on this continent. They are currently working in a Hong Kong shopping center, drilling their own hole into the ozone with an immeasurable amount of spray paint and above mentioned hairspray.

Alternative Santa Style Rocks Hong Kong: Source: Javno.comAlternative Santa Style Rocks Hong Kong: Source:

Other styles include bright red pigtails sticking up all over the scalp seemingly on their own, and funky gold angel designs. Mall patrons can get the styles throughout the shopping season, and should be sure to take photos – these masterpieces come out after one shampoo.

The hairstyles so far are working well in Hong Kong, where people pride themselves in standing out from the crowd and building their self-confidence through unconventional fashion statements. Remember, Asia features underwear sold out of vending machines – these people truly have a mind and style all their own. And this Christmas, it’s showing up bright and brilliant.

Source: Reuters

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Nov 30, 2007
by Jessica (not verified)


That guys hair on the first page makes him look like an oompa loompa! Great article Tammy!

Dec 2, 2007
by Jasmine (not verified)

hahaha! wow. these people

hahaha! wow. these people have quite a mind of their own. i would love to have a hair style like one of those. =)))