15 Best Holiday Pet Fashions & Costumes For 2007!

If you're not in the swing of the "Season" yet, maybe these adorable pets and their holiday fashions will put you in a festive mood. Christmas fashion is in for pets; the question is how will you keep up with them?

I've selected my favorite pet holiday fashions, as well as costumes, for 2007. Read on to see the awards for silliest, hottest, holiest, flashiest, most shocking, and other awards for holiday pet fashion this year, covering fashion for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and horses... the best pet Holiday outfits for 2007!

Pet Costume 1.
Studliest Holiday Dog Attire


Perfect attire for the smoking jacket set, this satin evening coat, adorned with a velvet Christmas tree and red beaded and sequined trim, is perfect for an evening out .. a party, or perhaps, an elegant dinner. Move over Asta! Price is $49.95 at The Haute Hound.


Pet Costume 2.
Best Hand-Made Santa-Dog Costume


Oh, this dog is so sweet! Costume is hand-made fuzzy in Santa red and white. Teacup to large sizes, it's definitely minimal, but just as definitely Santa. From $24.95 to $44.95, depending on size, at The Haute Hound.

Pet Costume 3.
Coulda' Fooled Me Dog Reindeer Costume

Now this guy could pass for Rudolf, no? Well, maybe another red nose reindeer. But I love this headband because it actually includes the red nose cover. Very clever, don't you think? Not very costly either; the Red Nose Reindeer Dog Christmas Headband is $6.95 from Wiggle-N-Waggle.

Pet Costume 4. 
Flashiest Holiday Dog Sweater


"Blingle All The Way," a clever and warm sweater for trips to grandma's or just a walk to the park. Attached hood for extra cold nights. And the blingle serves to remind others that, not only is it Christmas, but there's a dog in the road! $17.95 to $26.95 at My Dog Haven.

Pet Costume 5. 
Best In-Flight Santa Costume


Faster than eight speeding reindeer, Santa Claws has time to shop for and deliver your Christmas presents... just don't clip his wings! Isn't this adorable? Santa Claws is made by Avian Fashions for many sizes of birds. Suit and hat start at $36.99 at FlightQuarters.com.

Pet Costume 6. 
Most Shocking Cat Reindeer Costume

As usual, I go for the "minimal" in cat costumes; so the "Reining Cats & Dogs" antlers are perfect in my book. This cat wears them well and he will, until he sees himself in the mirror. Either that, or the bell swinging from the antlers, will send him to the moon faster than a coyote in the neighborhood. The antler band goes under the neck and this extra small size fits most cats and very small dogs (neck size 7" to 10"). This priceless costume actually does have a price of $4.99 at BuyCostumes.com.

Pet Costume 7. 
Silliest Ferret Reindeer Costume


Cute and silly, this reindeer ferret costume is enough to get the point across without overdoing it. It's a pure fun costume! Antlers made just for him by ferret fashion designer Marshall. Just $2.69 at Ferret Depot.

Pet Costume 8. 
Holiest Dog Hanukkah Costume


The symbolism will not be missed. With yarmulke and tallis, your dogs will impress your whole mishbucha. The Pup Shalom costume is available at BuyCostumes.com at $12.99 each. Nun and priest costumes for dogs are also available at BuyCostumes for $22.99.

Pet Costume 9. 
Best Masked Ball Horse-Santa

It was the Lone Ranger that was masked, not Silver, right? In the Christmas version of the story, it's the horse that's masked and his name is Lone Horse Santa. Irresistible Horse Hoods created this irresistible Santa Hood just for your lone horse in several sizes. Looks great under a blanket!. Available for $24.

Pet Costume 10. 
Most Stylish Mrs. Dog Klaus Outfit


Such a relief to see a pet costume that's fitted just like pet couture, instead of cut out of a paper bag. (Forgive my prejudice.) Indeed, this Mrs. Santa dress/costume was designed by the renowned team of Zack & Zoey, who prove that a dog can look like Mrs. Klaus and still be feminine. This dress is very slimming and has a certain retro feel of the 1920's. Red velvet with white faux fur trim. Comes with a matching bonnet. At PoshPetGlamouBoutique for 34.95. in sizes from XX Small to XX Large.

Pet Costume 11. 
Hottest Holiday Party-Dog Dress


Just dare a male dog to stay away from a bitch in this come-on party dress, so hot it's called "Caliente!" A girl in a red dress, as many love songs have it, is especially seductive. Another design by Zack & Zoey, the Caliente is available in very small to very large sizes fromPoshPetGlamouBoutique for $29.99. 

Pet Costume 12. 
Best-Dressed Ferret For The Holidays


Just being himself, this guy wants only to dress for the season... and be warm. Not a costume, but seasonal couture designed by (who else?) Marshall. Sweater and hat (with fastener) are $8.99 for your little guys at Ferret Depot.

Pet Costume 13. 
Most Understated Dog Reindeer Costume

This took a real professional animal photographer, some tranquilized dogs, or some major Photoshop work. All three? Nevertheless, the Reindeer Hats you see here are haute couture from South Korean designer Dear Dog. Available from Designer-Doggie.com in the UK for $45.

Pet Costume 14. 
Preppiest Holiday Dog Sweater


Old money... that's what these dogs express. They wouldn't be seen in a silly costume, but still get into the holiday spirit by donning these muted-colored prep-fashioned chenille sweaters with rolled cuffs and collars. Comet, Dancer, Vixen and Rudolph have hand-beaded and embroidered features. Available in limited edition from ModernTails.com for $64.95.


Pet Costume 15. 
Best New Concept For Seasonal Dog Fashion


Elegant, pretty, and warm, this new holiday neck muff fits snugly with Velcro closures. Designed by the East Side Collection with practicality in mind, the Christmas Collar Muff is made of soft chenille and comes in several sizes. $4.99 at PoshPetGlamourBoutique.

Hope you enjoyed these fashions, and that you and your pets enjoy a safe, happy, and healthy holiday!

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