Holy Smoke Monster, The "Lost" Ending Is Near & Going To Be Simulcast

Being lost on a desert island is not a new premise for a TV series. If you can remember back far enough, the theme song  of the 1964 classic TV show talked about a 'fearless crew' and 'ship that was lost' and coming ashore an 'uncharted desert isle.' Well, here we are some 46 years later and the TV hit series 'Lost' has catapulted us leaps and bounds beyond the fate of the Gilligan Island crew to a television drama so special, it has to be shown at one-time simultaneously around the globe.

Jack & GilliganJack & GilliganThe Lost TV Show finale will be simulcast around the globe, meaning everyone will see the last episode of this remarkable show all at the same time (well almost). The producers care so much about the collective experience of loyal fans, this first-time tactic is being used to foil illegal Internet downloads and Web spoilers.

So if you happen to be in London on the night of the Lost finale, you had better set your alarm clocks. The U.K.'s Sky1 is planning to simulcast the series's finale episode, titled simply "The End" to air at 5 AM local time.  On Monday, May 24. Sky1's broadcast will be simulcast at the same time as the US west coast transmission, which is 5am in the UK.

However, for those on US' east coast, you will have a 3 hour jump on London, since ABC will broadcast the double episode on Sunday night, May 23 at 9PM, or 2 AM in the UK (please no "spoilers" for our friends across the pond!)

In this instance, analysts say Twitter is typically a benefit to time-delayed television. “The East Coast builds the West Coast’s awareness,” said Mark Ghuneim, chief executive of Wiredset, a digital advertising agency based in New York that creates and tracks social media marketing campaigns. “People see others talking about it and they tune in.”  However, it also work the other way where East Coast folks start flooding the Twitterstream with "spoiler" tweets.

Broadcasters in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Turkey and Canada will also simulcast the Lost finale similarly to the UK in tandem with the West Coast.

Stuart Murphy, Sky1's director of programming, said: "We are proud of the fact that at Sky1 HD we have a long tradition of running all of our US shows as close as possible to their US transmission date. With something as hotly anticipated as the Lost finale, it makes sense to show it at exactly the same time as millions across America will see it."

Matthew Fox in this ABC interview talks about what he continues a 'surprised' and 'profound' ending.

If you have a desire to catch up on all six seasons of Lost before Sunday's or Monday's finales, there's a Lost fanatic watching a marathon of all 121 episodes back-to-back in his bedroom -and streaming them live on the web via UStream. I'm not sure where he's at at the present moment in time, but it's worthwhile giving him a look-see. He sometimes gives commentary while he receives a visible stream of IMs. Talk about being 'lost in Lost',  this guy is trying to stay awake for as long as it takes. Now, that's dedication!

Ustreaming back-to-back episodesUstreaming back-to-back episodes
See you on Sunday or Monday -- when all the Smoke Monster's secrets will finally be revealed for the whole world to enjoy collectively. And like Gilligan's Island, maybe when "Lost" bids us a fond farewell, it will end on a high note with a tip of the hat to it's 1960's predecessor, and go out with this refrain…

Gilligan's IslandGilligan's Island

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