Holy Smokes: The Business Of The 21-Gun Salute With 'Dead' Rounds

Death is a serious business, and over the years we have featured numerous businesses that have found creative ways to profit off that one thing that every single person does in his/her life; die. The latest to cross my path is called Holy Smoke, and it offers a unique way to honor those that have passed.

Holy smokeHoly smoke

Holy Smoke is a unique, niche business within the death industry, although it is not the strangest as they've just found a unique way to do something that is commonly offered to those after death.  After cremation, there are a variety of different businesses that help their loved ones store the deceased's ashes, or find unique ways to release or place the ashes for commemoration purposes.  This is the business that Holy Smoke is in, and while the business name may sound like something that should be offering a different kind of service (like on the show 'Weeds'), its services are a bit less controversial. 


Holy Smoke actually takes the ashes post-cremation, and loads them into bullets. The concept was thought up by law enforcement officers who are used to the tradition of honoring fallen comrades with a 21-gun salute. But that tradition doesn't typically involve the ashes, or other remains, and something still needs to be done with those. So what Holy Smoke  does is allows individuals to choose the type of ammunition to be used, that way the ashes can take an honorable final journey.

Like many businesses in the death industry, they allow people to make their arrangements while they're living and breathing. Or, loved ones can make the arrangements after death.  This kind of final goodbye might not be appealing to everyone, but it could certainly reach a pretty big market between law enforcement officers, members of the military, hunters or gun enthusiasts and many more individuals.

 What is interesting about the death industry, as that these businesses sometimes fly under the radar, as most people don't want to think about their own mortality until they are forced to face it. But, the death industry certainly has some innovative, and even strange businesses, and this one is definitely among the notable.

Via: Springwise 

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