Home-Made Chinese Microcar Serenades Driver With Built-In Sound System

A 60-year old man from Shanghai, China designed and built his own mini-car that seats only one but boasts a kick-ass sound system to drown out the noise of passing traffic. What have YOU done lately, hmm?

Xu Zhiyun had earned a reputation for being handy but nobody in the neighborhood ever thought he'd build something as complex as a car... and his creation is most definitely a car although it's much, MUCH smaller than anything sold by the big automakers.

Xu claims to have spent the equivalent of $245 on parts and it took him about two years to build the car. You gotta love the custom grillwork that incorporates two Chinese characters.

Measuring 60cm (23”) long, 35cm (13”) wide and 40cm (15”) tall, Xu's rad red roadster has everything the average driver would need in an urban commuting vehicle. OK, maybe a hard-top would add comfort on rainy days but still: the vehicle starts, speeds up, steers, changes gears and stops on command.

Besides the transportation basics, Xu's creation has been fitted with a functional front and rear lighting system and a working horn – so the eighteen-wheelers and luxury limos he shares the road with will see him, of course.

The car also features a built-in sound system (presumably installed beneath the lift-up driver's seat) so Xu can dig his fave tunes while in transit.

Is Xu's microcar street legal? It doesn't appear to display a license plate though the photos accompanying this post clearly show Xu casually commuting along with vehicles many times his vehicle's size.

Hopefully he'll survive long enough to get some official recognition (and perhaps even a little compensation) for his admirable automotive achievement. In the meantime, we'll humbly suggest Xu have a chat with his local Geico rep. (via Autoevolution)