Home Rock Climbing Combines Fitness With Decor


Rock climbing is a hobby that takes strength, stamina, agility and time. You'll also need a tall wall studded with rocks to grab onto during your climb up and subsequent descent. Not the kind of thing one finds at home... unless you live at THIS guy's place.

Japanese homes are famous for being small and narrow but not all fit the stereotype. This particular loft-style home has to be one pricey piece of real estate as it boasts a sweeping indoor wall 30 feet (10 meters) high.

It's not known whether the rather new-looking building was constructed with rock-climbing in mind but regardless: the owner took that big bare wall and decided he'd live out a rock climber's dream by fitting it out with rocks, ropes, the whole kit & kaboodle.

Check out this video which features a visit by a Japanese comedian:

Not everything's hunky-dory having a rock climbing wall in your house, however. The main problem is that the open plan of the three-level loft exposes the wall - and whomever's climbing it - to anyone watching TV, cooking in the kitchen or enjoying a relaxing bath.

The latter seems to be on the mind of the homeowner's wife, though that shouldn't be a problem as long as she times her dips when hubby's not expecting guests. One would also imagine re-sale might be a bit dicey if the new owners aren't into rock climbing, though the colorful stones set against the bright white wall do look sort of artistic. (via Japan Probe)