A Home Theater For Your Wrist

When I was a kid I used to dream of gadgets like this:

The Innovative Gadget TA457 Home Theater Watch 2GBThe Innovative Gadget TA457 Home Theater Watch 2GB


How could I not?  I’m from the Star Trek, Space: 1999, Lost in Space generation.  And let’s not forget James Bond.  Tiny little television screens were all over the place in all of these shows/movies.

And now they’re real.

But the Innovative Gadget TA457 Home Theater Watch 2GB is a cut above the competition.

As with other wristwatch TVs, this little gadget is capable of playing MP3 audio and MP4 video files.  It can also display JPG images.

But the TA457 takes pushes things even farther, starting with its “large” 1.5 inch screen with 260K color display.  An adjustable back light allows you to change screen brightness.

Then there’s the easy-to-use menu system.  This is necessary given the features included.  Features such as audio with five modes of Equalization—including bass.  In a tiny device such as this, bass is unheard of.

Need a USB storage device?  The TA457 is one of those as well, sporting 2GB of built-in storage.  It hooks to computer like any other USB device and a software package is included to convert regular audio, data, and video files to integrate with the watch’s format.

To top all of that off, it's also a voice recorder.

That’s a lot of features on such a small gadget.  And for $125.95, that’s not shabby at all.

But... can you tell the time by it?  I found no indication that  you could...

You can purchase the Quote The Innovative Gadget TA457 Home Theater Watch 2GB at Amazon.

UPDATE: This television watch is no longer available. These cell phone watches may be a fun alternative.

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