Homemade Fashions For The Paranoid Geek In Us All

The Body Laptop Wooly Jumper is a homemade, knitted fashion for the profoundly paranoid. A fashion prototype in concept only, this funny and freaky fashion might just be an emerging trend in fashion; but I doubt it. Read on and see why...and just wait until you see the hysterically useless keyboard jumper/glove.

The Body Laptop Wooly Jumper is meant to be a wearable privacy screen, while offering warmth, comfort, and the protection of prying eyes all at the same time. With a balaclava style head covering, this weird and wacky fashion keeps your whole upper body and head warm, and offers a tunnel-like component which offers a view to your laptop, or feasibly another media device which it also encases.

Since naturally, everybody takes their laptop to blog in below zero locations, the ludicrous Body Laptop Wooly Jumper even has section to keep your hands warm, and protect your keyboard from prying eyes so no one can decipher what you're typing by following the movements of your fingers on the keys.

But for those who think that the Body Laptop Wooly Jumper just isn't enough, there's also the keyboard jumper/glove to offer warmth, privacy while being totally ridiculous.

Perfect for the paranoid; maybe. A new fashion about to make an appearance on Rodeo Drive; doubtful.

Via: Gizmodo

Apr 10, 2009
by Anonymous


what happens when it catches fire if the computer malfunctions?