Honda Chopper Motorcycle Concept Sparked by Star Wars

Concept motorcycles are a dime a dozen these days but the radical Honda Chopper is one grand ride indeed. This mean, green machine is drawn from the electric imagination of Peter Norris, the talented chap behind the spectacular Pininfarina Coupe Concept car.

This time out, Norris has two less wheels to work with but from the looks of the Honda Chopper, the lack of rolling stock leaves all the more to amaze us.

According to Top Speed's reviewer, this sick psycho cycle “features clean functional lines of medical machinery, 70's and 80's marker drawings and design (such as Big Trak), and a bit of manga thrown in.”

Indeed, this is NOT Eric von Zipper's motorcycle... more like Kat von D's. The design's lines delicately balance rock-solid stability and totally “out there” styling that would look equally at home in Star Wars or Tron.

The long front suspension necessitates a radically feet forward seating position but the wide footprint ensures it'll stick like a gyro once you get rolling.

Speaking of which, don't wait for that sweet two-stroke note after turning the key – in fact, don't expect ANY note whatsoever! As mentioned, this is a green machine that draws its joy juice from twin electric motors seamlessly integrated into each wheel hub.

Besides lowering the Honda Chopper's center of gravity, electric power means zero time wasted at gas stations and, of course, zero emissions as you silently blow right by. (via TopSpeed and Gigazine)

Jun 15, 2011
by Anonymous


i love it