Honda Considering Sportier CR-Z Hybrid...Possible Si?

While the Honda CR-Z Hybrid may be able to provide a respectable number of miles per gallon, some are wishing it could also offer a bit more performance for the money. Honda as responded to this accordingly, by opening the doors for a Type-R variant of the CR-Z.

The CR-Z Type-R, or CR-Z Si as we would likely see it badged in the States, would receive an updated powerplant good for about 170 horsepower at the flywheel, up from the current 122 horsepower from the factory. A new suspension would also be included to add a more sporty driving experience.

An aero-kit is also likely to be added, as would be a set of larger alloy wheels and an upgraded brake system.

The Si version of the CR-Z has yet to be confirmed, but with as much attention as it is receiving it would seem like a worthwhile venture.

Jun 20, 2010
by Anonymous


The current CR-Z's lackluster hybrid powertrain is totally unacceptable and this car needed more power from the "get go", I mean seriously 122 for a 2 seater with sporty aspirations? I think an Si would on make sense if Honda forego the hybrid system and dropped in a powerful gasoline only engine. I hybrid system would likely improve the 0-60 by a few seconds and drop the gas mileage to the sub 30s but add thousands of dollars to the cost of the car (it basically would make no sense to go the hybrid as the CR-Z demonstrates hybrid means "0" performance for more money).