Honda FCX Clarity is Named World Green Car of the Year

Back in 2006, Honda introduced the FCX Concept Vehicle with the hopes of expanding the platform over the next few years. Their goal was to design a fuel efficient midsized sedan that was both fun to drive and easy on the environment. From there, the FCX was used at the base for the FXC Clarity Hydrogen Concept Vehicle introduced in 2008. Skip ahead to this year's New York Auto Show and the Clarity Concept Vehicle is dubbed the Green World Car of the Year.

Achieving the title of the World Green Car of the Year is not something that is easy to do. The selection process starts with an entry list, with this year's featuring 22 of the most efficiently designed vehicles to date. The contenders are chosen by a panel of 59 World Car Jurors that span across 25 countries. From there, each vehicle is scrutinized to the finest detail to determine which vehicle deserves the title.

According to the board members, "The FCX clarity is an utterly real, hydrogen-fuelled luxury sedan that provides the amenities people expect in a premium car with 430 km range, fuel consumption of about 72 mpg US (3.3 liters/100 km) equivalent and zero tailpipe emissions. While there is only so much the automotive industry can do when it comes to this technology - governments need to come onboard to help create a true refueling infrastructure."

The FCX Clarity is currently available on a limited production basis to the residents of Southern California for about $600 per month. Currently, this is one of the only regions that have the kind of hydrogen infrastructure to handle the FCX Clarity. Assuming hydrogen fueling stations become more abundant, Honda estimates the Clarity Concept will be available to everyone as early as 2018.

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