Honda Introduces Thier Own Green Driving Tool

As has become apparent over the past few months, automotive manufactures have made it their mission to help people learn to drive more efficiently. One of the first examples was the ECODrive system from Fiat that allowed you to upload driving data to your computer and review it to find ways of improving you driving. More recently, Honda has provided a somewhat similar system that provides real time feedback as you drive.

The "Ecological Drive Assistant System" takes data from your car's computer and provides a color changing display based on you driving habits and how well they contribute to the economy. The centerpiece of the display is a digital speedometer that will change from green to blue, with green being the most Eco friendly and blue being spirited driving, depending on the positioning of your right foot. By providing the real time feedback, Honda hopes to reduce the amount of wasted fuel at such places and red lights and stop signs.

The other parts of the system will provide an extended look at how Eco you driving habits are. One the smaller display located inside the tachometer is a set of plants, yes plants, which will sprout extra leaves when you are driving more efficiently. There will also be an extended look version of the same setup that will provide a more accurate representation of your "Eco Score." The more leaves, the higher your score.

The good news is all of the aforementioned goodies rely on you pressing the "On" button that controls the whole system. If you would prefer not to have a computer telling you where you could improve your driving, don't turn it on.