Honda Navigation System Warns of High Crime Areas

Navigation Systems can be a blessing if you are in desperate need of directions or a curse, (In the case of the Nissan GT-R.) Either way as more people become dependant on them they will gain more and more capabilities, like Honda's new crime rate detecting navigation system.

The new system is currently only slated for launch in Japan, but it can be expanded if the decision is made. By reviewing local police records and determining the position of your vehicle, the Navigation System can warn you when you are in a high crime area.

More specifically, the computer will search for high theft areas and where vandalism is prevalent. Also, depending on how many and how recent the reports, a level of risk will be assigned. Honda plans to start putting the system into use within the next 2 years.

Via : Left Lane News

Apr 22, 2008
by Anonymous


I love the idea. Its ironic however that the advertisement on the page when I viewed this article is for Grand Theft Auto IV, a game about crime and cars. Sure makes a selling point for the product.