Honda Thinks Inside The Box

Honda has been known to come up with some interesting (and sometimes slightly odd) ideas. But this time, they have definitely thought inside the box....

Along with trying to find a solution to the problem of relying on fossil fuels, auto makers are also working to improve safety. Front and side-curtain air bags are becoming more common features, and traction control measures are constantly being developed and refined to aid in avoiding a collision in the first place. What about a car that absorbs the energy from a collision?

The Honda "PUYO" does just that.

Honda "PUYO": Showing off the doors and rear-wheel steering.Honda "PUYO": Showing off the doors and rear-wheel steering.

The PUYO gets is name from a Japanese word that mean something "soft and spongy in texture," and for a good reason. Covering the outside of the car is a soft silicon skin designed to absorb the impact of light collisions, much like our own skin. The body of the PUYO lacks and sharp edges in an attempt to make it glance off anything in case of an accident, and because it glows in the dark, those should be few and far between.

"It's definitely 'cute' rather than 'cool,'" a Honda spokeswoman said. The joystick in place of a steering-wheel will help in the cool department though. So will that fact that it is one if the new fuel-cell vehicles. The fuel cell generates electricity by using hydrogen and oxygen, making the only byproduct good old H2O.

An Interior as Unique as the ExteriorAn Interior as Unique as the Exterior

The interior is designed around a single idea : space. All you have to do is look at the size of the door to see that. Honda went a step farther by making a 360 degree glass bubble around the top half of the car. No more feeling cramped on those trips across town.

Honda also decided to use light to create a connection between car and driver. Depending on which way you are going, how fast and the general state of the car, different colors and intensities are present. This is known as "luminous fluid meter displays."

There are currently no reports on pricing or availability.

Front View: Check out the, not the blue LED's.Front View: Check out the, not the blue LED's.

Sources: The Auto Channel Autoblog

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Oct 29, 2007
by Lady Bee
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Neat concepts! (are they really kiddie cars?)