Honda's Limited Edition HT3 Driving Shoes Put The Rubber To The Road

Honda reached for the sky with the innovative HondaJet but now the Japanese automaker has taken a step back with the down-to-earth Honda HT3 Driving Shoe. The $138 pedal-pushers are a collaborative effort by Honda, digital media company Thrillist, and menswear trendsetter JackThreads

Kick It Into High Gear

Designed to reflect styling cues from the all-new 2016 Honda Civic, the exclusive limited edition HT3 Driving Shoe made its official debut – under a clear plexiglass cover, yet – alongside its automotive inspiration on March 29th at a special event in Los Angeles hosted by Thrillist. 

The concept of a “Honda Shoe” was conceived by Thrillist, who consulted with the in-house stylists at JackThreads. Jarad Hall, leader of Honda R&D America's exterior design team that directed the new Civic sedan's exterior design, then worked with JackThreads to develop a driving shoe that would reflect the new Civic's design cues.

Accelerate Your Sole

“Collaborating with JackThreads and Thrillist to develop an exclusive shoe for people who love driving and love the sporty new Honda Civic has been a great experience,” stated Hall, whose official title is Civic Senior Exterior Designer, Honda R&D Americas. “Our all-new Civic lineup is a real game-changer in its segment when it comes to styling and fun-to-drive spirit,” added Hall, “and we look forward to stepping into the footwear world with a premium limited-edition shoe that showcases just how remarkable the Civic is, inside and out.”

The resulting HT3 sneaker displays a sleek, almost car-like silhouette and incorporates high-quality materials such as suede infused with metallic threads. Unique quilted leather on the heel counter and insole evoke sporty yet luxurious auto interior decor. Though the shoes are lace-ups, a suede “shroud” flips over the top of the shoe to preclude the possibility of snags. Uncovering the shroud reveals the familiar Civic logo. Last but not least, serrated rubber soles ensure safe and secure grip while gently transmitting road feedback to the driver. 

Footwear That Will Move You

“We wanted to create a shoe that's unlike anything seen before – something that is as comfortable to wear as it is fashion-forward and futuristic,” explained Michael Vincent, Senior Buyer at JackThreads' Footwear division. “The HT3 is a great versatile sneaker that elevates the basic functionality of the driving shoe and marries the design aesthetic of Honda and JackThreads.”

Limited-edition Honda HT3 driving shoes are available in a wide range of sizes – but in a single Black/Red color combination – and can be ordered online direct from JackThreads.