Honda's New WOW

Everyone knows the family pet is the most spoiled "child" in any household. They get their food served to them at their level, they have their own cushy pillow right by the fireplace and now thanks to Honda, they even have a carseat built specially for them.

Honda WOWHonda WOW

WOW stands for Wonderful Open-hearted Wagon. It is uniquely designed to provide total comfort to you and you pets while out for a ride.

The interior sports wood grain flooring and accents to help mans best friend feel right at home. It also features a hide-away crate in the instrument panel in front of the passenger seat. When opened a smaller pet can ride right at your side. The crate is surrounded on 3 sides with soft mesh for ample breathing and also has a flexible tube positioned to supply fresh air to your copilot.

Hida-Away Crate: Also note the air hose.Hida-Away Crate: Also note the air hose.

Seating is also designed around the larger canines. The WOW can seat up to 6 passengers when all seats are installed. If needed, 2 seats can be removed to form a large crate to provide comfort and safety for larger breed animals.

The vehicle was also designed with a very low center of gravity so your pets won't shoot from side to side everytime you take a turn. It also has 2 swing doors in the rear and a path to walk all the way to the front without climbing over seats.

Honda WOWHonda WOW

Honda has done it again with another interesting (and strange) concept car. There is really only one way to capture the feeling toward this new pet friendly vehicle:......WOW

Source Automobile Magazine

George Delozier
Motorized Innovations