This Honey Dispenser Is One Honey Of A Gadget

For years people have been thinking that there had to be a better way to have honey on the table and ready to dispense without having to hold that little plastic bear upside down forever. Norpro has come up with the Norpro Honey DispenserNorpro Honey Dispenserperfect answer -- a honey dispenser that keeps that golden nectar at the dispensing end. Not only that, the base is designed to hold warm water to keep your honey flowing.

The elegant and sophisticated design is a perfect addition to any table for any meal of the day. The dispenser is made of a durable, heavy-duty glass with a honeycomb pattern in relief. The inverted-bottle design rests in a glass base to keep it ready to dispense. It is perfect for those people who are trying to stay away from plastic coming into contact with their food.

The nipple at the bottom of the bottle allows you to drizzle honey on your toast and peanut butter without dripping. An inner-stopper mechanism inside the dispensing nipple also helps prevent messy, sticky drips. 

Norpro Honey DispenserNorpro Honey DispenserKeep the anti-bacterial sweet treat close at hand for that cup of tea, bowl of oatmeal, or hot, buttered biscuit. Just lift the dispenser from the base and squeeze the trigger to release the golden goo.

The dispenser holds about one cup of your favorite honey, whether it is pasteurized or raw, from clover or heather, or infused with cinnamon or vanilla beans. Having honey around will be so much easier than it used to be.

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