Hong Kong's Air Pollution Forces Photo-Snapping Tourists To Use Blue Sky Backdrops

How bad is the air pollution in Hong Kong? This bad: tourists who want to take photos of family and friends with the coastal city's famous skyline have been forced to use fake backdrops featuring the skyline captured on a rare, pollution-free sunny day.

The backdrops measure roughly 3 meters high by 15 meters wide (about 10ft by 50ft) and depict a picture-postcard-perfect panorama of Hong Kong Island's central area taken from one of the popular sightseeing areas across Victoria Harbour – probably North Point or somewhere close to it.

Everyone would love to be in a postcard, of course, but all too often (especially in the summer) Hong Kong is shrouded in a haze made up of car & truck exhausts, effluent from Mainland China factories to the north, and smoke from slash & burn agriculture from as far away as Indonesia.

The haze isn't omnipresent but travel schedules and itineraries being what they are, tourists don't always have the luxury of waiting until the haze dissipates. The ingenious solution serves to satisfy those left at home while allowing the actual tourists to live vicariously in some other, clearer moment. (via Netease)